Montpellier Smart-City

Mecatran’s contribution :

Isochrone application based on transit data


As part of the Smart City project in Montpellier, data silos were collected in several fields of application (mobility, energy management, water …). The data collected was then re-used to implement new services to facilitate mobility. The application developed by Mecatran shows such reuse. This is a web application that by the nature of the information displayed is specifically intended to tourists and Occasional visitors. It informs the user of geographic areas available in a given time, using public transport and the self-service bike. A cross was made with tourist data, allowing a user to distinguish a variety of interest by their ease of access points.

The closest place is not necessarily a quickly accessible.

A cross was made with tourist data from the Hérault-tourism partner. This will cross the access time information with points of interest Useful for tourists or occasional visitors. (Hotels, restaurants, camping sites …)

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