Company Overview

Our mission

Our mission is to use digital technologies to promote sustainable transport and alternative mobility.
We make it easy for everyone to find suitable transport information.

Company Overview

Mecatran is a software development company, that provides products and services exclusively for the mobility sector, with a strong emphasis on public transport.

Our customers are mainly transit agencies of any size, but also online map providers, or urban planning agencies.
We are also involved in the mobility aspect of an important smart-city project.

We provide our clients with a panel of products and services suitable for their size and need.

Most of the products are provided in SAAs mode for an easy use via Internet. They can be used a an online tool but we can also provide our support and expertise. They can operate standalone but also complement each other and work together as a software suite.
The products are designed to adapt to the client software infrastructure.

The range of product covers / goes from data creation to providing added value services based on the raw data and to data integration within transit apps and sites.


Mecatran's founders Nicolas & Laurent met while working together on Personal Navigation Devices at Tomtom.
They founded Mecatran in 2010, after noticing that Google Maps was able to integrate transit information. Urbineris was then developed to make it easy for transit agencies to publish their network on Google Maps.
Since then, we develop more and more products for public transport and mobility, and offer our products worlwide.