What we do

For transit agencies and transport authorities

Generate quality transit data (static, alerts and real-time)

Would you power up a Ferrari with poor fuel?
Well, transit data powers your information system.
Your information system powers up the apps and all the information you provide to your users.
An effective information sytem relies on quality data.

Generate quality transit data

We make sure that the transit data your deliver is of high quality.
All your data : static data, real-time data and alerts.
We provide solutions adapted to your infrastructure  :
For smaller transit networks we provide Urbineris, a powerful online transit editor able to manage your transit data and deliver a high quality feed.
For bigger network, we provide Urbitran, a scriptable and automatable check and monitoring system that reports changes and verify the quality. The tool is able to perform all necessary operations to clean up or post modify transit data (filter, merge, augment, modify, standardize ..)

Generate quality alert information.

We provide an online tool, Urbiplan-alert, for managing alerts on your network. The alerts can be broadcasted to multiple channels (social media, Google Maps, SMS, …) The alerts are linked to your static transit data.

We provide high quality real-time information.

We are able to propose operations on the real-time sources your infrastructure may be equiped with : merge several real-time sources (or with static data), filter real-time feeds, transform your data to standard formats (like SIRI or GTFS-RT).
Quality wise we are able to evaluate the performance of your real-time source in order to integrate it in a third party system.

Deploy a transit interface (API and widgets) for developers and integrators.

We make sure that the transit information you provide to third parties (developers, integrators that will develop apps, websites, and mobile apps for you and with your data) is of quality, homogeneous, reliable, up-to-date and provide added value services.

Why a transit interface ?

What it does (for you and for the app developers or website developers)

For this reason, we provide you with a clean interface that separates concerns : This platforms helps you keep the transit mastery, while providing a clean interface that:

  • your app or website developer will be able to integrate nicely…
    without worrying about transit integration issues (or quality of data)

  • will help the app developer to build a transit app without worrying about updating data or being concern about quality of data.
  • will help the website developer to integrate on-the-shelf transit widgets that can be customized to a specific look and feel to integrate nicely in a website.

What it does for you

  • Helps you keep control over the transit information.

  • Guarantees to provide an always in sync, and quality information (up-to-date and quality-controlled)

  • Keeps control over the access to the transit information (access control)

  • Provides you with information on the uses of the interface (statistics)

What it does for developers and website integrators

  • Helps the developer focus on developing an app and not on transit data

  • developers and integrators are provided with an always in sync, up-to-date transit information

  • All type of data is accessible through a single access point, an interface providing services based on transit static network, static data, real time data, alerts

Use of transit data through apps, mobile sites and widgets

We also make use of the transit data and API to provide on-the-shelf customized and modular transit applications.
We provide transit applications, mobile websites, widgets; with features including real-time information, itinerary planning, next departures at a stop or integrated transit map.
We also provide an app allowing mobile purchase of transport tickets, and their use directly on mobile.

For consultants

We specialize on providing tooling for transit agencies and transport authorities.
We are happy to white label our products and provide support to third party consultants that want to propose services to their own customers.